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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 30, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. i'm sydnie good afternoon, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. this morning, thousands gathered in san francisco, to observe memorial day at a ceremony at
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the presidio. the presidio ceremony, one of the largest of its kind in the nation. an estimated 2500 people turning out today, memorial day. there was a special tribute to the 70th anniversary of america's entry into world war ii. a veteran reflected on the sacrifices of his fellow service members. >> there are a lot of fellows who sacrifice, not only themselves overseas but they rished a lot of things -- relinquished a lot of things like going to school, and other enterprises. and the camaraderie that they built was tremendous. >> the featured speaker today, a retired major general who commanded the marines who freed kuwait city in the first gulf war. speaking today, mayor ed lee. state senator leeland yee. and assemblywoman fiona moss. >> a 2 is gun salute part of another major memorial day commemoration, this one in oakland this morning. and the ceremony at mountain
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view cemetery featured the placing of a wreath. today's ceremony was the 90 the annual at the site. and in other news, a wild night in oakland turns deadly when someone started shooting at a side show. >> two people, including a young mother were killed. anne makovec shows us the chaotic scene. >> everybody was just having fun. and started shooting. >> at least one person opened fire at around 9:20 last night. near international and 88th avenue. a witness was recording this video, when suddenly gunfire rang out. two people were shot and killed. >> all you could hear was pop, pop, pop. i ran. this is my house right here. i ran. a couple of people ran in the backyard with us. like a good seven of them ran in the back. we went to the corner and saw them laying dead and blood coming out dead. >> reporter: a man and woman died at the scene. the woman is identified as a
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28-year-old mother from union city. >> all you can hear is gunshots. boom, boom, boom. when i come this way, i see this person laying on the ground and someone said a girl got hit. >> reporter: a third woman, a 28-year-old woman, also shot twice and in critical condition in the hospital. witnesses say the shooting seemed rampage as a stampede of people tried to escape and hide. >> that's what i did at first. then they started shooting that way. and we did know which way to run. we ran around that way. and it is like god, which way do we go, you know? >> people don't care no more. daytime, nighttime, police not really doing nothing. >> honestly, we lived here to so long, and we are kind of used to hearing gunshots but not seeing somebody on the ground dieing in our face. >> reporter: the oakland police have not made any arrests in this case. they say it is still under investigation. anne makovec in oakland, cbs 5. a san jose mother of five has been murdered and police are
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looking for help in finding her killer. the 35-year-old woman was found shot to death in her mercedes on amber way on saturday night. police say a wounded 20-year-old plan who showed up at a nearby hospital may be connected to the case. no names have been released. investigators say witnesses have not been very cooperative. san jose police also looking for clues in the deadly stabbing of an 18-year-old. vincent tran lee was attacked early saturday morning, he had just graduated from high school, police are trying to figure out if the stabbing is linked to a fatal shooting in that same neighborhood, just a few days earlier. missing details that may have held up in the bryan stow investigation, according to the examiner, parole records from the prime suspect did not include descriptions of his tattoos. now, that information may have helped identify 31-year-old giovanni ramirez as the suspect sooner. a tip from ramirez's parole officer led to the break in the two-month-old case. ramirez has yet been charged but police say they are confident he
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will be. meantime stow's doctors hope to see more progress this week. they are slowly lowering his forth seizure medication. stow's family says he should be off of it in a couple of days. doctors are treating blood clots that have formed in his legs. stow remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. coming up, president obama pays tribute to our men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> plus, sarah palin for president? the high profile tour that has everyone guessing. and doctors ' new orders when it comes to energy drinks. the choice that is best coming up. i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center this memorial day. turning out to be pretty nice outside. a couple of clouds out there right now but we also have some rain lurking. we will tell you when that might move in, coming up.
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lives.. serving our country. d his top remembering the men and women who gave their lives, serving our country. president obama and his top military brass honored the fallen today in a pair of memorial day ceremonies. as daniel notingham tells us, the observances come during a time of transition at the top of the armed forces. >> president obama honored america's fallen forces laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. >> then, he spoke to a crowd filled with tprepdz and family members -- friends and family members of those buried at arlington national cemetery. >> this day is about you. and the fallen heros that you love. and it is a day that has meaning for all americans. >> reporter: defense secretary robert gates joined the president this morning. it is his final memorial day ceremony as defense secretary. gates retires next month. just a few miles away, admiral
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mike mullen honored the fallen with a wreath laying at the world war ii memorial. he is retiring as well. stepping down as chairman of the joint chiefs this fall. with several top jobs to fill, president obama already tapped c.i.a. director leon panetta to take over as defense secretary. and this morning, he announced his choice for the new head of the joint chiefs. he picked army general martin dempsey, an accomplished veteran of the iraq war. >> but it is your lifetime of accomplishments that brings us here today and i thank you you for your willingness to take on this new assignment. >> reporter: right now, dempsey is army chief of staff. the senate will need to confirm him before he steps up to replace admiral mullen. danielle notingham, cbs news, the white house. will she or won't she? sarah palin keeping everyone guessing about 2012. and whether she will run for president. the former alaska governor kicking off her east coast tour in washington, d.c. this week. palin and her family traveling by bus to all of the historic
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sites, on their way to the politically critical state of new hampshire, and what she is calling her one nation tour. today, she visited the national archives. home of the u.s. constitution. palin though says the trip is not political. >> this is not a campaign bus. this is a bus to be able to express to america how much we appreciate our foundation, and to invite more people to be interested in all that is good about america. >> palin began her tour yesterday in washington by taking part in the rolling thunder motorcycle ride. to pay tribute to those who died serving their country. some new warnings about toxic chemicals in bay area seafood. the fish that is safest to eat coming up. >> they're supposed to help you rev up and refuel but energy and sports drinks may be causing more harm than good. doctors orders. for kids. memorial day, the unofficial beginning of summer, and it is back to winter in the bay area, we got storms brewing off the coastline, we will talk about
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that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this afternoon.. there' all bay area nursing student, a bay area nursing student mysteriously disappears over the holiday weekend. this afternoon, there is no trace of the 26-year-old. as kit doe tells us, police are combing the car she left behind and talking to people who know her. >> reporter: this is the latest
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photo to surface of michelle wang key lee. the missing nursing student in hayward. her sister jocelyn posted it on her blog along with a few more details about lee's car, a late model honda. she said quote, they found her car with everything in it. how can she drive? police found the honda a couple of blocks away, which was unusual, given that she typically parks it in the hospital garage. they plan to get a search warrant, and break into it. >> nothing necessarily points to foul play from the outside of the vehicle. but obviously, we do want to go inside the vehicle, and check for papers for receipts, for notes or directions, for anything at all. that may lead us to michelle. and to where she might be right now. >> a little technical problem with kit's package. we move on here. expect some delays, if you're taking bart this afternoon. half of the transbay tube will be shut down until 2:30. so crews can do maintenance and repair work to electrical
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cables. that means no trains to or from dublin or fremont, will travel through the tunnel, passengers will have to transfer to the pittsburgh bay point line. delays to run up to 40 minutes. take note of that on bart. >> the good news, for drivers heading eastbound on the bay bridge, crews finished a lane change early with no scheduled delays this afternoon. there is a slight jog to the right, just as the eastbound roadway hits land in oakland. and early next year, there will be another jog from westbound traffic, it is all designed to give crews a little more space to work on that new span. and well, he is the cleanup hitter and of course, the big poster boy from 2010. >> but buster posey likely is going to be on crutches instead of holding a catcher's mitt. he underwent season-ending surgery yesterday. two screws inserted into his leg to help stabilize the left ankle after a horrible collision at home plate. jose is expected to undergo another procedure in about two months to remove the screws and then he will have a lengthy rehab. doctors though say it should be good to go next season.
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and giants certainly missing the star catcher since the collision last week, the team has lost four of the last five games. >> it is a good thing that they are playing at home and not in st. louis. >> pretty wet. >> unofficially the beginning of the summer and we have rain just about every day of the forecast. >> it is memorial day. they're waiting to barbecue. will they need the umbrella? >> a little sunshine today. >> i think it is okay but if you're going fishing tomorrow, well, like you are, sidney, trouble. >> okay. >> looking at some difficulty. >> how can i hold an umbrella and fish at the same time. >> that will be some talent. if you're headed out today, clouds continuing to make their way across our skies but still looking pretty good. as we see the clouds beginning to part into the afternoon hours and seeing a lot of sunshine in many spots inland but it is broken right now over the city of san francisco. a couple of rays of sunshine trying to make their way through the clouds. but otherwise, so far, so good. we're staying dry. at least right now. look at the coastline. it is interesting. you can see the clouds moving in and all of a sudden you see this
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right here, that's what you call a jet stream, the jet isve mooing along the coastline -- the jet stream is moving along the coastline showing that we still have unsettled weather. for the foreseeable future. there we go. this afternoon, partly cloudy skies. some mild temperatures inland. 60s, maybe some low 70s in the warmest spots well inland in the bay. you will find 60s and breezy conditions and out to the coastline, low clouds and keeping you cool right out at the beaches. now tonight, could get interesting. the clouds are going to begin to move back onshore and guess what. we have a chance of showers later on tonight starting in the north bay and sagging to the south. especially as we head toward midnight tonight. could be a bit wet. cloudy skies in the bay and a chance of showers, toward the early morning hours. numbers outside right now, 62 degrees in vallejo. 63 in fairfield. we got 59 degrees in san jose. and the cool 55 degrees in pacifica. and if you do plan on traveling around the state, plan on some showers. well to the north for today. and up toward ur recast you might see a couple of showers there. -- eureka, you might see a couple of showers there.
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70s in the sacramento area. 76 degrees in fresno. we keep trying to build this ridge of high pressure in along the pacific. that's pretty much a sign the rain season is over. but look at the trough that continues to carve itself along the west coast. here comes the next storm system barreling to the bay area. a chance of rain in our skies tonight and tomorrow. today, partly cloudy skies. i think we're looking pretty good as we head toward the barbecues around the bay area. temperatures not that bad. and plan on upper 60s, and in many spots and toward morgan hill, and 57 in half moon bay and east bay temperatures, the warmest spots, 70s well inland and 60s as you make your way inside the bay and breezy, too, into oakland and almeda and plenty of 50s and 60s for our friends in the north bay. looking out over the next couple of days, this kind of looks reminiscent of what we see in the middle of winter. a chance of showers on tuesday. showers a possibility on wednesday and a couple of thunderstorms, too. i think a dry day, come thursday, but guess what, next friday and saturday, another storm drops in, another chance of rain, coming our way.
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that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thanks, lawrence. >> thanks a lot, lawrence. >> all right. in other news, a new warning about toxic chemicals, in bay area fish, a large study of california sports fish tells of mercury and pcb contamination. the studies points out fish higher on the food chain, sharks, white sturgeon and others have more of the toxic chemicals and others like king salmon and red rock crab and halibut have lower concentrations. >> we're finding moderate levels of contamination at most of the areas that we've looked at. there are very few areas that are totally clean, where all of the fish were below all of the guidelines. >> but researchers say that the northern california coast has relatively low concentrations of toxins overall. and they encourage people to eat fish, but they're a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. sports drinks, energy drinks and water, and which ones should
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your athletes be rehydrating with? mike jones explains the differenceness and the clear choice. >> after a game, there is nothing better than a cool drink to get rehydrated. a report in the journal pediatrics says what kids are drinking matter, in particular the researchers looked at energy drinks and sports drinks and say the two are often confused. energy driven are drinks contain large amounts of caffeine and other stimulants and recommend kids never consume them. sports drinks have carbohydrates, minerals and electrolytes, designed to replace what is lost during sweating. while the authors say sports drinks may be helpful for some young athletes who exercise vigorously or for a long period of time they're not necessary for every athlete or child at meal tile. they contain extra calories that can contribute to the child overweight or obesity or could lead to tooth decay. as for soda, the recommendation is to avoid. it the best choice they say for most kids even when playing sports is the simplest choice, good old-fashioned water.
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for today's health minute, i'm michael jones. mission accomplished. >> the space shuttle endeavour undocked from the international space station earlier today, a spectacular view here, as endeavour pulled away. the shuttle now heading home for the last time and is scheduled to land in florida, sometime early wednesday morning. then it will make its permanent home at a los angeles museum. there is just one more shuttle mission left by atlantis coming up this summer and they will retire the fleet. a pint-sized patriot on a mission. >> how an 8-year-old took on a city hall to make sure our military heroes are honored. good story, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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three regular dry onions an get the good-sized ones, make sure they're perfect and make sure you cook them till golden brown, 10 to 15 to 20 minutes. with olive oil. take a look at this. this is kind of cool. they're putting sugar in here. on to the onions. even though they become sweeter, they are adding sugar to give it a kick. that is the french seek. then add the stock. about two quarts for this
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recipe. they use veal stock here. but beef stock will work just as well, too. let it simmer for about 40 minutes. and then portion it out into oven prove bowls. fresh baguettes to soak in the flavor. cheese on top. how did you do this? put it in a 350-degree oven until it looks as golden and tempting as this. >> so if you want to get a copy of the recipe, log on to our web site and it is french onion soup, it will be there for you. the secret french onion soup. i'm tony tantillo. and this is tony's table. would you look at this? >> this is good. >> that does sound good. >> was that a pound or half a pound of cheese? >> i don't know. but the more cheese, the better. coming up at 5:00 tonight, she took out a loan to pay her son's tuition only to find the money missing from her bank account days later. >> we will tell you the mistake she made and the bigger mistake by the bank and what you need to
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know to protect your assets. that story and more at 5:00. you're never too old to learn and apparently never too young to teach as well. >> would you believe an 8-year-old california boy opening some eyes on this memorial day. a member of the young marine, matthew noticed a flag that was over the ocean side pier was tattered and torn and the pint-sized patriot decided to do something about it and wrote to the city's mayor. >> dear mr. mayor. >> and all of a sudden, i read it was an 8-year-old and a young marine and i said this is pretty shocking and i'm pretty proud of him. >> i think it is disrespectful to our country and the people who fight for it. i would be pleased if you would replace it. thank you for your attention. your friend. >> the mayor was impressed. so impressed, he had the flag replaced immediately. he also sent luke a proclamation for taking pride in and protecting the stars and stripes. >> we have some pint-sized patriots too. >> i'm feeling like oprah.
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a live studio audience. >> i like it. >> take a look. >> i like it. >> hello, ms. herbert, first grade teacher and her family, at alma heights christian academy in pacifica. and who is that over there? jessica confirm arnow and sharon chen, lawrence's -- that is your wife. and lawrence's first day officially with the morning and noon show. >> came down just to make sure we did everything right. >> is he okay? i think he was okay. >> we will work on it tomorrow. >> that's it for us everyone. have a great arch. >> enjoy the holiday, folks. ,,,,,,
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